I am a musician and producer from the SF Bay Area, Northern California. My music embodies styles ranging from rock, metal, electronic, funk, jazz, and blues. Often instrumental compositions, I weave sonic tapestries with lush textures, complex rhythms and spindly guitars.  If it’s doing its job, the music takes you journey somewhere familiar or new.

A lifelong musician, I am most at home creating music in my studio, diving headlong into advanced production techniques and music theory, I’m continually inspired by imaginative music.  Much of that finds its way through guitars and synthesizers.  I find a lot of inspiration in my favorite guitar players and synthesizer pioneers ranging from classic artists to modern visionary producers.

I create work using trusty Ableton Live as an audio and MIDI foundation in projects which include Arturia, Native Instruments and Plugin-Alliance tools. This enables a sort-of ‘band in a box’ to allow me to play with complimentary ideas on other instruments, going beyond simple loops or a DJ and allowing me to accompany myself as a live performance artist.