I am a lifelong music fan. I have digested music of many different styles, I play music, I listen to music. Music is a major part of my life. This is a site for musical discussion and discovery.

This site is to be used to discover original music by Shane Otis. I play guitar, bass and keyboards. I write and record my own original music. I have a have a personal studio and have been honing these skills for years. Goulie is the name of my current musical project and you can find more info about that below.

This is also a site for me to post about music that I like. That may be bands you’ve heard of, never heard of, or it may be just what I’m listening to now. I have a lot of opinions about music and don’t always have the people to talk to them about. Therefore, I will shout it into the internet void. 😉

I may also post about music gear or plugins or any other cool shit I want to discuss. I’m not sure if any of you will find this interesting but if you do, feel free to join in the discussion and leave comments.

Goulie is an electronic and instrumental guitarist / artist from the SF bay area who creates original compositions. Music is inspired by the brain’s multitude of tastes from organic to electronic. The foundation is rock inspired by the vast canvas of electronic production techniques seeking to break ground in new and interesting ways.